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The Hellenic Institute of Fire Safety of Buildings, ΕΛΙΠΥΚΑ (ELIPYKA), is supported by companies specialized in building systems, heat insulating materials, cables, special high temperature materials, curtain walls and heating systems and by representatives of Greek organizations and Universities, specialized laboratories and firefighters.

Contribution in formulating and complying with standards and specifications

To promote its members’ positions on the formulation and support of fire protection standards and regulations in construction industry, as well as to study and propose new enhancements for improvement in order to reduce and prevent the loss of life and property in construction because of fire.

Submission of proposals to the competent authorities

To participate in public consultations on the drafting of laws, decisions and regulations that are directly or indirectly related to the establishment of fire protection standards and the procedures for their observance (study control, control of the implementation of the study, certification) by submitting specific proposals on behalf of ELIPYKA members.

Maintaining relations between national and international bodies

To promote and contribute to the development of the relations of its members with national and international, public and private bodies, authorities and organizations, as well as with any other organisation with relevant activities.

Board of directors

Dr. Yannis Kontoulis


Metall. Engineer , PhD, ΜΒΑ

Michalis Kontos

Vice President, Communications Committee

Angelos Zografos

General Secretary

Civil Engineer

Yannis Angelis

Member of the board, New Members Committee

Mechanical Engineer

Vangelis Michos

Member of the board, New Members Committee

Thanos Makris

Member of the board

Civil Engineer

Dr. Georgios Iliadis

Member of the board

Mechanical Engineer, PhD

Maria Lazarimou

Member of the board, Communications Committee

Communication advisor

Dr. Dionysis Kolaitis

Member of the board, Technical Committee

Mechanical Engineer, PhD

Members of ELIPYKA

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